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It Took a Slice of Cake
It Took A Slice of Cake
Tsukishima Kei X Reader
Soulmate AU: Where on the day you turn 16, you can see the red string connecting you to your soulmate. The red string is tied to your right pinky. Other people can see your red string when you begin to see it.
            You wake up to a mess of red. You look around, confused until you realize that it was your 16th birthday today. Gasping, you looked at your right pinky, noticing for the first time, the small neat red bow there. Looking around, you see the string tangled in some areas, and shifted with you. 
             You had so many questions. Why was there so much? How did it shift with you? Why does it automatically shorten when you move around? Most importantly,
:icondonuts132:Donuts132 22 16
i was f
there was no end.
only darkness around me.
i couldn’t stop.
maybe I didn’t want to.
:icondonuts132:Donuts132 0 7
Don't Go
Iwaizumi X Fem!Reader
Zombie Apocalypse AU
Angst. You have been warned.
        You can faintly hear the echoing of gunshots around you and indistinct shouting, but you can’t focus on it because ohgodthepain was searing your arm and you felt like your arm was going to fall off. You fought the pain and struggled to stay awake, but your grip on your knife was loosening, and you could feel the zombies around you press closer.
        Screams and echoes bounced off of you, and you could faintly feel yourself being cradled by someone. That someone was crying, and you could recognize Mattsun and Maki’s yelling in the distance, with Oikawa shouting orders to them.
        “H-hajime?” You whisper. Iwaizumi was knelt down beside you, crying as he cradles your head in his arms. He presses fervent kisses to your forehead. “I’m here. I’m here (Name) I’m h
:icondonuts132:Donuts132 7 8
Sugawara X Reader
Crack-ish? With fluff?
Sugawara and Reader are already married!
“(Name)” Sugawara starts, holding your hands, completely serious. “IT happened again. On the phone call with Hinata the other day. It happened again.”
He continues. “What? What happened? Koushi are you okay?” You panic, thinking that something big happened.
“Did you get a life threatening disease? Did something happen to Hinata? Is someone stalking you?” You blabber on. Sugawara shushes you with a finger to your lips. “None of that.” You calm slightly, but you are still worried. “Then what Koushi? What happened?” With a serious gaze, he opens his mouth to speak.
“Hinata called me mom.”
He lets that sink in, and looks away from you. You on the other and, can’t help but stifle your laughter. It was no use though, because you burst out laughing so hard, you were sure Tokyo heard it. Sugawara is taken complet
:icondonuts132:Donuts132 17 4
Summary: Told from first person view. China had always hated goodbyes. A nation can’t die. Right?
       My brother was always a compassionate man. Easily flustered, yes, but gentle and caring nonetheless. If he was in battle though, he looked like a different person, and acted like one too. His gaze would harden and he was merciless killer machine.
      On lazy August afternoons he would sit on the porch and gaze at the pond, with I reading on his lap. I would occasionally ask him what some words were because his language was so complicated. He would smile and explain to me what those words meant.
       One time at Taiwan's birthday, Korea had pouted and said that he didn’t blow out the candles. China just laughed and relit them and told him to blow them out again. Happily, Korea blew the candles out, maybe a bit too hard, as he scattered bits of wax over the cake. Of course, Taiwan had a slight tantrum, but
:icondonuts132:Donuts132 0 0
Life in the Akatsuki, Chapter 1: A Normal Day
Summary: You and your best friend are part of the S-Rank criminal organization, the Akatsuki. Unlike what everyone thinks, the Akatsuki is actually more than just a group of baddies. It is like a giant family. Fill in blanks with personal information and enjoy the mayhem! Series of one-shots.
I wrote this with the reader being a girl in my mind, so I apologize for any awkwardness with boys… But please note that this is not a ReaderXAkatsuki FanFiction.
You can cook really well and are a badass S-Rank villain wielding twin katanas. Your nature affinity is fire. Deal with it.
Sasori is not yet fully puppet. He is in the process of making himself one, and only his right arm is wooden so far. So he still needs to eat and sleep!
Tobi is here while Sasori is still alive. GASP! This is because sorry, I love Sasori, and I also really like Tobi. Forgive me.
Contains swearing because of Hidan.
(name) = Your name
(bff name) = Best friend’s name
(h/c) = Hair color
(e/c) = Eye color
:icondonuts132:Donuts132 0 0
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Fresh Coffee by ciaoora Fresh Coffee :iconciaoora:ciaoora 91 16
Adventure. (Akaashi Keiji x Reader)

Request By: Donuts132
Colour: Purple Heart and Aquamarine
Character: Akaashi Keiji
Genre: Preferably something fluffy..... some bonding over love of the same thing perhaps
Word Count: 913
You sit at the airport, kicking your feet at the air in front of you as you wait for your flight. It's not your fault that your mother nagged you to arrive four hours early, or that the airport Wi-Fi is absolute trash.
It's a red-eye flight, and most of the stores are closed. The few people that are around are either asleep in strange positions, or aggressively sipping coffee with their phones in hand.
Oddly enough, you don't feel tired at all.
So you decide that it's time for an adventure of your own.
Pulling out your journal, you begin wandering the airport and writing out stories for the people you see around you.
She's an ex-bank robber who decided to settle down after meeting the wo
:icondinosauruses:dinosauruses 23 8
t a r g e t . | oikawa tooru | 04
t a r g e t . | oikawa tooru | 04 |
This is bad. Bad. Like really, really bad.
How on earth did this happen?!
She’s sure that she had changed the lock on her phone and even tried her darndest to make sure her password was complicated as shit; she wouldn’t even remember it if she hadn’t jot it down at the corner of that favorite book she always read, and now…
How did someone break through it?!
“You did not. Please say you did not.” She says, voice almost begging, begging that this is all a dream, a joke, anything that will say that this is not real. No, no, no, it can’t be, can’t be
She refuses to believe that this is real!
“Sorry, [Sora]-chan,” Matsuba says, utterly apologetic; now she feels the full forc
:iconpatcherinko:patcherinko 6 7
Have I ever told you, how much i love looking at constellations?
I used to sit by you everyday, as we'd both gaze in amazement at the book we'd always borrowed from the library.
We might as well have bought the book, every time when you returned it, i'd make a mad dash to the section and sit patiently, waiting for the librarian to store it back onto the bookshelf, before snatching it and rushing down to the counter.
Whenever we baked cookies, we both would take the icing and squeeze dots all over it, forming stars. Sometimes we'd even get toothpicks and drag it along the dots, as if tracing out the constellations.
Sometimes, i'd even sit in front of you and have fun tracing your freckles to form all the possible patterns in the book. Your cheeks would always flush red every time I did that, and the fact that i could fluster you so easily was adorable.
It was childish, of course. We were both barely above the age of ten when we gazed up at the night sky together, eyes wide with joy. I w
:iconlightqken:Lightqken 30 14
good accidents. ( soulmate!au ) | kageyama
soulmate au;;
you feel whatever pain your soulmate feels.
“how are you supposed to know who they are when you first meet them?”
yachi thinks about soulmates a lot. this is one of her constant musings; you’ve both talked it through and to be honest, you don’t know how that would work. it isn’t the most practical way to find your soulmate because there’s no real indication like those stories you read about the timers and colors.
if only it were that easy.
“what if you just slapped someone and felt a sting on your face? then you would know it’s them!”
yet another brilliant idea from this little blonde ray of sunshine. the excitement she has almost makes you refrain from denying the idea, but you force a weary smile.
“yachi, that’s not how it works.”
the joy on her face deflates when she realizes that really wasn’t an epiphany and you feel as if you’ve stolen a balloon from a kid at disney world and popped
:iconciiren:ciiren 348 31
'Break the Barrier' Plan B! by Shibikii 'Break the Barrier' Plan B! :iconshibikii:Shibikii 2,717 234
the thing about childhood friends
You know what sucks about childhood friends? It was fucking cliché, that one of the two was bound to fall for other. One day, he's just that snotty little boy you tagged along with almost every day, the next; you're in love with him.
It was inevitable, more like an accident really.
You didn't mean to fall in love with him, you just did.
But that's not the worst part.
The worst part is the other cliché of childhood friends; they don't feel the same way you do. And that sucks.
No, that's not the worst part. The worst part is having to keep your feelings a secret, lest you endanger your precious friendship for years.
For twenty long years.
Long enough that you two were at the pinnacle of your academic lives, finishing college and preparing yourselves for the real world.
Because as far as you knew, this was the part where things change, where reality comes right in and snatches the two of you.
The end was near.
. . .
You two have a shared taste for music, him pursui
:iconvampimummy:VampiMummy 25 14
jawline | ushijima wakatoshi
You grit your teeth, trying to suppress the evident pained expression on your face as you stare down bitterly at your hand. Tears were brimming at the corners of your eyes when you cautiously touch at your wounds.
You spare a glance at the culprit beside you, whom was casually eating some rice; void of all emotion and seemingly uninterested at your "antics". And you shake your head grievously as you mouth his name in distaste. Ushijima Wakatoshi.
You narrow your eyes towards the male before miserably looking over to the palm of your hand, breath hitching as you scan at the damage your boyfriend had caused to your delicate skin.
"...Damn it... this is ridiculous..." you heave another heavy sigh, staring distantly at the wide, blue sky, dramatic tension filling the area that surrounds you. "...Just one touch. It was just one touch..."
You flash another glare at the obnoxiously tall volleyball player, exclaiming, "you're gonna have to pay for this Ushiwaka."
Ushijima merely glances
:iconjaynanase:JayNanase 153 45
What If? - Drabble Ish
Kei Tsukishima x F!Reader

Hey [Name]. Aren't what ifs beautiful? They are indications of what could've been. What could be. I find that beautiful.

What if I had met you, that rainy day, when we both forgot our umbrellas?

"Darn it, I forgot my umbrella!"
"...Me too." 

What if we had run together, laughing as we got soaked to the skin by frigid rain?

"Hahaha, it's so cold!"
"...Why are we running, again?"
"Why not? It's more fun this way!" 

What if you had come to my practices?

"Tsk, you're here again?"

What if our friends had made plans to meet at the same place with us, but bailed in the last second?

"Ahhh, she said she can't come!"
"...Bokuto-san, Akaashi-san, and Kuroo
:icononyxdeathangel:OnyxDeathAngel 22 6
Unknown || Fanart by XFallingFeathersX Unknown || Fanart :iconxfallingfeathersx:XFallingFeathersX 62 4 707 by ku-ini 707 :iconku-ini:ku-ini 183 4 Sketch: Rei Ryuugazaki by AkariMarco Sketch: Rei Ryuugazaki :iconakarimarco:AkariMarco 196 39
collegeau!anonymous admirer|moniwa kaname x reader
Every morning you'd wake up and check your tumblr to have a little message in your inbox from the seemingly same anon with a cute pick-up line. At first you thought that maybe you had reblogged something along the lines of "fill my ask", but it started to become a routine. It was never anything raunchy or lewd, just cheesy, cute one-liners that'd make you smile to yourself. Though, you had really appreciate whoever was sending them to you, you were starting to get really curious. Who could they be? Someone thousands of miles away or just around your area? It was hard to decide.
You sighed as you shut down your laptop and slid it under your bed. You really shouldn't have been on your laptop at such a late hour. Finals week started tomorrow and you were beyond nervous. Sure you had studied but you always felt a bit on the edge during these five days. The thought of your anonymous admirer was the last thing on your mind before you drifted off to sleep.
At least, they'll keep me positiv
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 54 14
We Swim Together by Curryuku We Swim Together :iconcurryuku:Curryuku 1,756 37 Free! - Rei Ryugazaki by Yuki119 Free! - Rei Ryugazaki :iconyuki119:Yuki119 478 28



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One does not simply choose a favorite character from Haikyuu.
Everyone check out this raffle by the amazing amiette!

1k watcher raffle [open]thank you guys so much<3
I seriously never thought I'd get here this fast :iconpapmingplz:
lets get right to it, shall we?
 winner gets a half body like this

I dont have the newest examples;;
especially after the thing with the yellow filter thing
now onto the rules:
-be a watcher (new ones are welcome but don't just watch me to get free art please)
-fav this journal 
-make a poll/journal advertising this raffle
-comment below with the link to the poll/journal 
do this and you get a number 
for some extra numbers :
-tag some peeps (+1)
-give me your best pick-up line (+1)
raffle ends April 30th
good luck!


People's Republic of China
I write stuff. I hope you like it. No flames please.
I'm really sorry for the long delays in my writing.
I'm on hiatus most of the time...
I hope you like my writing.


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